What if there was a cure for Autism?

Every parent that has a child with Autism seems to have a different opinion on what they would do if there was ever a cure found for Autism. First off… There are no known cures for Autism. Second…I don’t think there EVER will be a cure.(Not in my lifetime anyway.) Third… We would have to know what the causes are before we could ever find a cure. Fourth… If a cure was found would I want to CURE my children?

GOOD QUESTION! My thoughts on this change monthly, weekly, daily, and sometimes by the minute. Just being honest…

I have to start by saying that all of us as parents must have a touch of wanting to “cure” or “reform” our Autistic children. If we didn’t why would we bother with all of the OT, speech, ABA, and many of the other therapies that are out there for Autistic children. If we didn’t want our children to change then why all the behavior changing therapies? We are ultimately talking with instructors or teachers and trying to hand pick certain behaviors that may come with a diagnosis of Autism and work them out of our children. We want them to be able to function in a world that some people are not going to understand them most of their lives, but are we changing part of who they are and not just part of their Autism?

I try to imagine myself being an individual with Autism. Everywhere you go people are watching you. Taking notes. Following you around. Everything you do someone is constantly trying to redirect you. Sometimes you go to places or are at meetings where people are discussing you as if you are not even there. You know what you want…you just don’t know how to say it. The lights are all bright, the sounds are all loud. People talk to you, but you just don’t understand. Clothing is uncomfortable. You try to just be you….but you can’t. No one will let you.. just be you…

I can imagine why these children or people have “meltdowns.” I can only imagine how the daily life in a child or person living with Autism could be so difficult.

Sometimes I try to imagine my children without Autism. When my boy was only speaking about 3 words I actually had a dream that he was talking to me. I mean talking and not stopping. We were outside talking and he was saying so many funny things. I was laughing and crying at the same time in this dream. He was not trying to go into the woods. He was not  running. He was just standing there talking to me. I woke up and realized it was a dream. I revisit the memory of this dream often. The little boy in that dream… He looked like my boy, he had my boys voice, but that was not my boy…

Where I am going with this is here. If there EVER is a cure I wonder what it would consist of. Would it be a vaccine type shot? Would it be a pill form that a child could take and it would rid their bodies of Autism? After given this known “cure” what would we be left with? Would curing my children’s Autism take away the quirky little things that I love so much about them? Would my girl not have such a free spirit? Would she not be as loving? Would she not say the funny things she says? Would my boy not make those funny facial expressions that make us laugh? Would he not reach for my hand when he is getting ready to go to sleep? WHAT WOULD THEY WANT? That would be the biggest question…

On the other hand… Would my girl not have meltdowns anymore? Would she be more independent? Not be so sensitive to smells? Would my boy be able to sleep in his own bed all night, every night? Would he be able handle transitions without melting down? Would he be able to tell us funny stories?

So many questions. I guess what I am wondering is if totally taking away their Autism would take away who they really are? Could I do it? I don’t know if I could ever make a final decision about this…If they were old enough to decide I would ultimately have to leave it up to them despite my feelings on the matter.

I still can get teary eyed thinking about that little boy in my dream that was not really my child. I think that part of the reason I cried in that dream was because even though I was laughing and listening to this little boy talking and talking to me. I missed MY boy. My precious little man.

I wonder if they were old enough to know everything about their diagnosis…would they want to be Autism free? Someday I will be able to ask them… Maybe. I will not be holding my breath for a cure anytime soon. I am sure I will be long gone when and if there is EVER a cure for Autism.

It seems like it should be black and white. A simple thing. It is not. How do we know for sure what behavior is part of the Autism? What is just part of our kids personalities? We don’t know for sure and most likely never will.

Just another thought running through the mind of an Autism Mom…

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  1. Amy Day says:

    I think this is my fav. one yet!

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