The top ten awkward? things people have ever said to me…

People say some crazy things. Some people know you. They also know your children’s situation and still ask rude questions or say rude things. Some people know nothing about you or your kids and they say the rudest things. Some people are really trying to be nice and just don’t know what to say. Some people are just uneducated and say things they know nothing about. Here are some questions or statements that people have said to me and how I WISH I would have answered or replied. I am never good on the spot. I always think about what I should have said later on…

1. What is wrong with him/her?

This question really irritates me …He has AUTISM. I would love to know what is wrong … Believe me…I really, really wish he could tell me what is wrong.

2. Do you think that some cases of Autism are caused from lazy parenting?

Ummm? Really? Do you even have the slightest idea WHAT Autism is? Just a quick definition… Autism is a neurological BRAIN disorder! Google it! You might learn something!

3. My kid does that too. It is just a “kid” thing.

Oh my! Your “typical” child does the exact same thing my child does? Well…maybe it is time to get your child screened for Autism too! I am not saying that children with Autism are the only ones that have quirks, but I will say that what your child may do once or twice a day…a child with Autism may do one hundred times a day.

4. How is he/she doing in school/daycare?

Do you have all day/night? No? OK….well…He/she is doing great!

5. I think that Doctors are over diagnosing Autism.

I think that you are not educated enough to even have this discussion with me.

6. You guys must be like superman/superwoman!

Thanks! I know you are just trying to give me a compliment. Let me just tell you how I feel about that. Autism is not a choice. Parenting is. You would do the same things we do if you were walking in my shoes. We all do what we can for our children. We are doing the best we can. I feel far from being superwoman.

7. Does he/she like to color, do crafts, etc.?

Oh yes! He loves to sit and color for hours on end. The harness he wears is just for looks. Not to keep him from running off or anything like that.

8. He/she is not very talkative today.

I have taught him /her to never speak to strangers. *sigh*

9. Have you tried music, TV, or rubbing his back to help him/her sleep?

No. I don’t REALLY want him/her to sleep…..Obviously we have tried every possible scenario to help him sleep…NOTHING works!

10. I know how you feel.

No you don’t! You have no idea how I feel. I also have no idea how you feel. That is why I would never tell you I did. Until you have walked a day in my shoes (which will never happen) please don’t tell me you know how I feel. However, I have had parents in similar situations tell me that I never walk alone. That is a whole different statement…with a whole different meaning.

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2 Responses to The top ten awkward? things people have ever said to me…

  1. Amy Day says:

    This made me LOL a little! Its all so true!! Its hard to pick out just one I like, but number 9 was good. I get that a lot about food! ” He will eat when he is hungry, so you leave that plate of food he will throw up in front of him until then” ” Why don’t you make him eat it “. I guess these people would like to come and sit for hours at my kitchen table and try and try to get him to take the smallest hangnail size bite, just to have him throw up and cry. I have even had a waitress tell my son he could not have cereal because it was lunch time and kids don’t eat cereal at lunch”. I’m sorry B*!$H, I didn’t know making decisions about MY son was part of your job description. Your deff. not alone Mel and I enjoy reading your posts!!!

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