Thank you for Understanding…

Yesterday our little man went to have an EKG at Calais Regional Hospital. He knew right when we pulled in that something was up and he started crying. When we walked in he gagged a few times. I had brought with me a couple Wal-mart bags just in case. We got called into registration. I have learned over time not to hold anything back. I explained to the man that was signing us in that little man has Autism and gets very nervous in some social situations and Dr.’s offices and throws up. I explained that if he throws up it is not the stomach flu and he is NOT sick. The man in registration got us all signed up and even gave us some stickers for him and his big sister.

We were then directed to Radiology where I gave the lady that was at the Radiology window our information and let her know we were there. I also told her the situation and that little man may throw up but is NOT sick. She replied that she would let the people know that were going to be doing his EKG. I thanked her and we waited on the bench across from her window.

Little man cried the whole time we were waiting gagged and coughed a few times. He kept trying to get away from me saying “Ready to go? Ready to go?” about 50 times. He wanted out. It was also a little scary for him because they were asking everyone to wear a face mask to help control the spread of influenza. I surely could not put one on him. I knew he would rip it off anyway and was afraid that if I put one on him he would throw up with it on his face. I took mine off as well because it was just scaring him really bad.

After a few minutes of sitting on the bench the lady at the window came over and opened the window. She said “I understand.” I said “Thank you!” She then continued to tell me that she had a grandson that was now 22 that has Autism. I said “That’s good. Not good that you have a grandson with Autism, but good that you understand.”  She then told me that she told the techs about little man and they were all ready for us.

There it is. In those moments when you feel alone and that no one REALLY understands, you sometimes find those that do UNDERSTAND. I wanted to talk to her. I wanted to ask her how her grandson was doing. What his struggles are? What his strengths are? It always makes me feel better just to talk to someone that does truly understand. If I would not have been spending my time trying to calm little man down I probably would have struck up conversation with this woman. She didn’t have to tell me about her grandson. Maybe she knew it would make me feel better just knowing that she did understand. Whatever the reason…I appreciated it.

When we got into the room that they were going to do the EKG little man gagged. They asked if I needed a bucket and gave me one. Little man proceeded to gag up a little bit, but nothing too much. They asked me to put him on the table and take his shirt off. I put him up there and he just kept looking at them like “What are they going to do to me?” I kept telling him “No boo-boos! No boo-boos!” They asked him to lay back and try to be still. It was like looking at a different child. He laid right back didn’t try to take the wires off and did a great job! He cried the whole time, but did what was asked of him. I was so thankful.

I have to give Kudos to all who were involved yesterday. They were all so kind, gentle, caring, and understanding. I have learned that just laying it all out there and explaining our situation helps in times like this. It also seems to be that (Maybe it is just me) children with Autism are starting to become the more “typical” child. Almost everyone I talk to now seems to know a child, be a family member of a child, or a friend of a parent with a child with Autism. Either way…It is so calming to know that some people really do UNDERSTAND.

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One Response to Thank you for Understanding…

  1. Sue says:

    You are such a Great Mom, I am sure that is what give him the strength he need to do well on his test.

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