He knows who’s who….

My little man is saying more words every day. He always talks about the people he loves. We may not always know what he is saying, but we know he is talking about people in his life. He will say a persons name, and then follow that with a jumble of sounds or jibberish. I would love to know what he is saying and hope that someday we will.

He will look at pictures in a photo album or on the computer and say the names of the people in the pictures he sees. He can identify just about anyone he knows in a picture correctly so we know that he knows people and what their names are.

One of the funniest things he does that I just can’t figure out is if we tell him to say something such as “Thank you Mama” he will repeat what we have asked him to say but with a different name than we asked him to say by saying “Thank you Daddy!” We try to correct him and get him to say what we asked him to but he just keeps saying the opposite of what we ask. I am not sure if he does it just to hear us correct him, if he thinks it is funny, or if it is just to avoid doing what was asked of him.

When my husband gets home from work little man will sometimes say “Hi Mama!” when he comes through the door, or say “Hi Daddy!” to me if I go somewhere without him and come back. Within the last 6 months or so he started saying “Lus Yooou!” which is his version of saying “I love you”. I love hearing him say those words and will often ask him to tell family who come to visit that he loves them so they can hear how cute his little voice sounds saying those words. He will get the “Lus Yooou” part right but always say a different name than was asked of him. I once told him to tell one of his Auntie’s that he loved her and he replied “Lus Yooou Seewa!” Which is one of his cousins! It can be really funny sometimes.

When we go in the grocery store or into Wal-Mart, he will call almost every man he sees Daddy. You should see some of the looks I get when my little man looks right at a random stranger at Wal-Mart and says “Hi Daddy!” or “Bye Daddy!” Surely he knows that these men are not his Daddy. Maybe he just thinks that every man he sees is someones Daddy, or maybe it is just that when his Daddy is not with us he misses him, or maybe these men are wearing a hat, shirt or have the same color hair or eyes as his Daddy and that is why he says it. I really don’t know. It really does make me laugh. Maybe I shouldn’t laugh at all, but hearing that little voice say words whether they are used accurately or not make me happy. We can work out all that other stuff as we go. I will take his words over him not speaking at all….. any day!


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