Tomorrow is the day of the little man’s EEG. I was sure hoping that we all could get a good nights sleep last night. It did not happen. My little man was grinding his teeth severely, crying, and kicking in full force. We have to keep him sleep deprived tonight. He really should only get a few hours of sleep. It should not be too hard to keep him awake but after having such a rough night…who knows?

He has to be sleep deprived so that they can read some of his brain waves while he is sleeping. He is going to be sedated, but they cut the medication once he is asleep so they can read the brain waves off the medication. The waves will read different while on the medication. The medication is almost instantly out of his system once they take him off it. We all hope that he will stay asleep once he is taken off the medication. That is why he needs to be really tired when we go in. They will also read some of the brain waves while he is awake. Not sure which will be the hardest. I can’t imagine him liking stickers with wires coming off them stuck to his head. He may surprise us though. Just hoping for the best.

Nothing to eat after 6:30 AM for him. He may have a short list of foods but the foods he does eat….He enjoys. His appointment is not until 11:30. He is going to be starved. It is not going to be fun for any of us. It will be the hardest for him. It is not like we can explain to him what is going to happen and he is going to understand it. I think that is what is bothering me the most. The fact that he is just not going to know what is going on. I am a nervous Mama this morning and I know that I wont have any trouble staying awake tonight. Wish us the best of luck! Pray that it all goes well so that we don’t have to reschedule and go through this more than this one time.

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One Response to EEG or EEEEEKKKKK?!!

  1. Auntie Shell says:

    We are definitely praying for the best results with the least amount of “pain”!

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